Finding the Balance Workshop



What is this workshop about?

This couple's workshop is about exploring and finding balance within, and in turn, the potential for greater harmony within our romantic partnership. After all, we can only hope for our partner to be able to meet us, where we can meet ourselves.

As we accept, integrate, heal and restore harmony between the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves, we become better at navigating the shifting masculine and feminine dynamics within our relationships.

No matter our sex, sexuality or identified gender, we each embody the masculine and feminine polarities (Yin and Yang energies) and will at any given time identify with, or express one or the other.

If we are unconscious of these natural dynamics, or are experiencing their wounded distortions, it can be incredibly challenging to feel aligned and balanced. This is then reflected back at us through our relationships which can lead to regular triggering, power dynamic struggles, re-wounding, codependency, distrust, unhealthy attachments and overall dissatisfaction in any or all of our relationships.

Join me as I gently and energetically guide you through this beautiful exploration of self and partnership. This workshop will be a safe, private space for you and your partner only.

Your Guide.

Having spent years receiving, and learning this Sacred Union wisdom - spiritually, energetically and on a very practical human experience level - I am strongly intuitively guided when facilitating this workshop. Understanding , honouring and harmonising the masculine and feminine energies is my calling in this lifetime, and I am committed to assisting others in finding wholeness and freedom through love.


What is the structure of this workshop and what will we be doing?

In total the workshop takes place in four meetings (two as a couple, one each as an individual), a week apart, spanning a three to four week period in total. These meetings will comprise of discussions, exercises, and energy work.


Who is this workshop for?

This workshop will be beneficial for both:

  • couples who are in stable relationships, but want to explore or delve deeper into their union,

  • couples who are struggling, and feel like they’ve hit a wall in their relationship.


And this workshop is for any couple wanting to:

- explore, identify, heal or honour the masculine/feminine aspects within themselves as individuals, and how that then shows up within the partnership dynamic.

- reconnect more fully in order to be more present, balanced and confident within the partnership, and life in general.

- open up avenues of deeper understanding and authentic communication within the relationship.

- thrive by learning how to hold space for themselves as individuals, at the same time as being able to hold & honour a space for their partner within the relationship.

- create healthy boundaries and in(ter)dependence within a relationship, so that each partner’s true needs (not neediness!) can be met.

- access the potential for a more peaceful, conscious and loving relationship.

Please note, there are absolutely no restrictions as to who may take part in this workshop. All couples are welcome.

What does the workshop cost, what does it include?

The workshop is a R5200 investment per couple. 

PayJustNow is available should you wish to settle in three interest free instalments.

This includes: 

- a total of approximately 6 hours of workshop experience guided by me: 4 hours of facilitated couple work, and an individual 1:1 Session for each partner of approximately 1 hour each.

- light snacks & tea provided during the couple sessions

- various take-home exercises and tools that can be utilised during, and long after the workshop is complete

- telephonic or email support during the duration of the workshop


Where & when?

At this time these private couples workshops will take place at my home in Vredehoek, Cape Town CBD. Weekends & evenings can be accommodated.

Feminine Polarity


Receptive, Passive, Contractive, Intuitive, Inward


Unconditional Love, Open, Free, Flowing, Intuitive, Creative, Feeling, Tenderness, Rejuvenation, Connection, Nurturing, Softness, Stillness, Surrender, Sensitivity, Emotional, Devotion, Compassion, Being


Victim, Powerless, Manipulation, Withholding, Neediness, Insecure, Codependency, Over-sensitivity, Over-emotional, Non assertive, Rejection of practicality & boundaries, Untrusting, Feeling unseen, unheard, misunderstood

Masculine Polarity


Projective, Active, Giving, Expansive, Outward


Confidence, Responsibility, Discipline, Focus, Logical, Protective, Supportive, Stable, Clarity, Boundaries, Courage, Accountable, Integrity, Responsible, Capable, Assertive, Certain, Purpose, Practicality, Knowing, Grounded, Motivated, Doing


Perpetrator, Abuse of Power, Dominant, Aggression, Control, Competitive, Confrontational, Critical, Abusive, Avoidant, Withdrawn, Unsupportive, Unstable, Unmotivated, Fear of emotions & intimacy, Feeling controlled, trapped, smothered

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"I would highly recommend Alexia's Couples Finding the Balance Workshop - it is something that every couple should throw themselves into. Enjoyed learning about myself, my partner and us as a couple. I understand my partner and her needs better and it has allowed us to connect at a deeper level."


“Alexia’s course was gentle enough for beginners in energy work but profound enough to really make a positive difference in our relatively young relationship. It feels as if we cleared paths to communication and deepened our connection by many levels through 3 short sessions. Beautiful, life and love affirming experience!"


"My husband and I did this course to explore the nature of our relationship at a deeper level although we didn’t really know where it would take us. It has opened up channels of communication between us that I didn't realise needed opening, and from it, we have gained a clearer understanding of each other, of ourselves and of the unique dynamics of our relationship."