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Finding the Balance Workshop

What is this workshop about?

This workshop is for couples, friends or family members wanting to come together to explore and find balance within the evolving dynamics of their current connection.

There are so many relationships shifting and experiencing disruptions during this time and it can be a confusing, painful and challenging time for all involved.

The Finding the Balance Workshop creates a safe shared space of collaboration, offering potential for mature relational transformation, transi
tion or ending.


What is the structure of this workshop and what will we be doing?

This workshop is available and beneficial to all relationships.


It begins with each individual journeying through the process of at least one 1:1 Relationship Mentoring Package first, and then coming together collaboratively to take part in this Finding the Balance Workshop.


Taking part in the individual 1:1 Relationship Mentoring Package is important, as relational work always starts with Self. This creates a clear, intentional space from which to address the relationship. You can't expect to be met, where you aren't yet meeting yourself.

This workshop is comprised of packages of supportive online, or in person, couple sessions of 1 hour each.


Each session is unique according to your needs, but will comprise of honest conversational sharing, guided discussions, practical exercises, journal prompts and/or channelled energy work.


Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for individuals who are committed to relating consciously, and;

  • wanting to explore or delve deeper into an evolving relationship

  • transition through or transform chapters within a relationship, such as relational struggles or limitations

  • wanting to honour & explore the call to grow while staying connected in relationship 

  • needing to investigate whether a relationship has reached it's natural end

  • maturely ending a relationship

  • wanting to expand their current relationship to extraordinary

This workshop can be a great way to relationally work with a spouse, family member or friend with whom you are wanting to further evolve into, or out of relationship with in the most healthy way possible.

Your Guide.

Shamanically I work with, and am in service of Sacred Union wisdom - spiritually, energetically and on a very practical human experience level. I also know what it is to evolve within and beyond relationships of every kind, and how important it is to courageously show up for Self, the partnership, and the other by honouring the truth of a relationship's progression with integrity & compassion.

After much personal trial, error & success in this, I am committed to assisting others in finding wholeness, healing and freedom through co-creative & collaborative love and connection in whatever way that shows up.

Join me as I gently guide you through this exploration.

Find out more About me.


What does the workshop cost, what does it include?

Current Finding the Balance Workshop package offers are


4 x private couple or group sessions at:

R4800 (South African residents) at R1200 per session /

US$560 (those outside of South Africa) at US$140 per session.

6 x private couple or group sessions at:

R6900 (South African residents) at R1150 per session /

US$820 (those outside of South Africa) at US$135 per session.

Packages can be renewed for ongoing work.

Credit or debit card payments via Payfast or Paypal are an option, as well as a payment plan.


Where & when?

I offer in person sessions at my home in Vredehoek, Cape Town CBD, or online distance video call sessions. Each session is an hour long.

If you have any questions or queries please contact me or book a complimentary 10 minute Meet & Greet.

"I would highly recommend Alexia's Couples Finding the Balance Workshop - it is something that every couple should throw themselves into. Enjoyed learning about myself, my partner and us as a couple. I understand my partner and her needs better and it has allowed us to connect at a deeper level."


“Alexia’s course was gentle enough for beginners in energy work but profound enough to really make a positive difference in our relatively young relationship. It feels as if we cleared paths to communication and deepened our connection by many levels through 3 short sessions. Beautiful, life and love affirming experience!"


"My husband and I did this course to explore the nature of our relationship at a deeper level although we didn’t really know where it would take us. It has opened up channels of communication between us that I didn't realise needed opening, and from it, we have gained a clearer understanding of each other, of ourselves and of the unique dynamics of our relationship."


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