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Material Mastery Workshop

What is the Material Mastery Workshop?

This 6 week online workshop is designed to powerfully support you in freeing yourself from limiting beliefs around material wealth, activating true prosperity and physically creating & experiencing the life you want to live.

Exhausted with surviving, and want to experience thriving? Feeling ruled, frustrated, afraid or confused about money? Called to step into greater alignment with your life path, spirituality, purpose and be prosperous? Ready to experience inner & outer wealth? 

The Material Mastery Workshop offers an honest, collaborative space in which to explore what true wealth & prosperity is, just how powerful you are in creating the life you want to live and deeply understanding (and debunking where necessary) concepts around manifestation, material mastery & prosperous alignment. 


What is the structure of this workshop and what will we be doing?

This workshops runs over 6 weeks via one online call per week, and is offered 1:1, for couples & in group settings. Each week will address a certain theme. 


Week 1  "Facing your Fears" 

Week 1 is an introductory deep dive into understanding your wounding, conditioning, karmic or ancestral relationship to surviving & thriving.

Through this compassionate exploration we'll investigate the potential for letting go of what's not yours - adopted patterning or conditioning around lack, healing outdated or distorted belief systems around money and transmuting these experiences into gifts and mastery creating new scenarios aligned to your truth.

Week 2  "Harness the Power of ALL that You Are" :

Week 2 we explore polarity, masculine & feminine dynamics, and the separate self on the return to wholeness  - where anything & everything is possible as an empowered creator being.

This includes the benefits of inspired action & creative rest, the collaboration between mind & heart, focused intention & attention, and balance in giving & receiving.

Week 3  "Believe in Yourself & Honour your Needs" :

Week 3 offers the opportunity to investigate how you relate to yourself, and how your relationship with yourself is reflected in your external material world.

We'll take a look at how honest & committed you are to your needs, values, dreams, intentions, and your goals, and where you may be denial, lacking in self belief, sabotaging yourself or playing small.

Week 4  "Come Back Home to your Body" :

Week 4 we welcome you back home to your body, allowing you to safely ground and build trust with yourself as you learn how to cultivate a stable foundation from which to create, moment to moment.

We'll explore alignment with self, following your feelings, self care & support, sourcing wealth from within, and how this expresses abundantly without.

Week 5  "Let’s Play! ":

Week 5 is all about play - the starting point and catalyst for true creative expression, manifestation and abundance.  

In this module we go on a little adventure moving through popular adult opinions, judgements and perfectionism - creative blocks or feelings of being stuck - and begin to curiously explore your playful nature in dreaming big from a thriving mindset.

Week 6  "Let Life Flow through You" :

A beautiful way to end the workshop! We'll summarise with an intentional look at the transformation that has occurred throughout your 6 weeks - explore force vs flow, abundance through interconnectedness & co-creation, your truth and what your purpose is trying to express through you, how the balanced masculine & feminine within can dream and action anything without as you free yourself from limitations, and how life greets you here with overwhelming support & prosperity, when you let it.

1:1 workshop sessions are 1.5 hours long, couple workshop sessions are 2 hours in length and group workshop sessions between 2.5 - 3 hours long. Each session runs according to the curriculum and will comprise of teachings, sensitive exploration and observation, honest conversational sharings, guided discussions, meditations, & practical exercises. After each session I send follow up notes & homework for the week which creates a structured container of support as you go, and creates an opportunity for you to process practically & effectively.

Worried about sharing in a group setting? Find out more about it here.

The Material Mastery Workshop is for individuals who are;

  • anyone (money in the bank, or no money in the bank) wanting to heal their relationship to money in an empowering, shame free, collaborative workshop space 

  • wanting to expand and evolve beyond current money & material world belief systems, limitations and programming

  • looking for freedom to live their best expression of life with confidence, security & stability

  • in need of repairing their relationship with all aspects of money, wealth, assets, ownership, prosperity, attachment to physical "things"

  • needing to transition through challenging financial & creative life chapters 

  • yearning to reconnect to inner wealth, empowerment, creatorship & prosperity 

  • wanting to heal and let go of ancestral or adopted money or material wounding, fears or conditioning

  • needing to change how you earn, receive, give and create money & wealth

  • needing to ground, build solid foundations and feel safe to flourish in all aspects of life

  • yearning to release fears around survival in order to experience the natural abundant flow of your life 


Please contact me directly for current rates & all other applicable information.

I do offer a complimentary 20 minute online Meet & Greet if you'd like to set up an introductory online call.

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These online group workshops take place once a week (2.5 hours), over 6 weeks.

Only 6 spots available per workshop

"Wow thank you Alexia, this workshop cracked me wide open! I got to see so much of how old patterning, rigid belief systems and the many illusions were keeping me trapped. I loved how the course worked functionally, opening one up to see and question and then offering the tools to work through. There were so many amazing aha moments and take aways that I am working with every day."


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