Offering Plate

Sha.woman Clay Offering Plate

It’s been a while since I’ve had my hands in the clay. I’ve been learning how to ground into my body, and connect with Earth through my body first. And now it’s time to express this journey through the clay once more. These pieces are a sharing of the Shamanic symbol coding, the necessity of ritual and a call back to ancient times and sacred artefacts. I create them as offerings, only when I feel called to, following my joy with the intention of sharing that joy.

My wish is for you to create Sacred spaces of ritual & light in remembrance and celebration of who you are.

A Sacred Symbol Offering Plate by Klomp Ceramics.

Makes a beautiful candle holder or home for crystals and talismans.

Handmade from recycled stoneware clay.

No two are alike.

Approximate sizes are Small at 18.5cm diameter, Medium at 21cm diameter, Large at 23cm diameter. 

If you'd like to choose your plate, please let me know in "note to seller" and I'll send you pictures of what I have in store. Otherwise it will be a surprise!