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  • Alexia Klompje


I’m going to be showing up differently this year.

Harnessing the incredible foundation & creation energies coming in, I’m starting


I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I’d like to go deeper, be more vulnerable, and safely share all aspects of my story, experiences & learnings with you all in a far more intimate way.

Most importantly, I’d like to know who you all are?

I want to hear your stories, learn from your wisdom, create a safe space for your experiences to be heard, and honour your sharing too.

I’m offering what I need because I can't be the only one yearning for this - a courageous community of fellow travellers empowered with voice.


While I’ll still be posting the basics to social media, I’m focusing on and launching the:

Emails are sent out no more than weekly - a mix of: my personal story; themes I’m currently working with; my Shamanic & human experiences & learnings; how I can offer you support; where I'm finding support; helpful journal prompts; guided explorations; as well as any gathering updates or news.​

This private group offers a collaborative space for open chat discussions, Q&A’s, community offerings, and whatever else evolves from, and is required by the community, driven by the community.

Each hour long Google Meet group gathering will start with a guided, grounding meditation and then move into a discussion & sharings around a particular theme, either inspired by topics raised in the Facebook group or topics I’m guided to bring to the community.


Please sign up to the Sha.woman Mailing List via link in bio if this sounds like something you wish to be part of and you’ll get all the info you need.💌

I’m so excited to build this with you. Now, more than ever, we need safe spaces to gather, heal and support one another in living a conscious, grounded and thriving life.

Gather the tribe!

Image by Nikki McClarron


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