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  • Alexia Klompje

Alcohol and substances

In this post I share my experiences, observations & learnings with the use of alcohol and conscious altering substances, in particular recreational drug taking. I do not intend to pass judgement or prejudice on those drinking, using or suffering from any sort of substance addictions but this is a truth & perspective I feel I strongly need to share, especially at this time.

Alcohol and drugs rob you of your Power. What they offer you momentarily, they essentially rob you of. Think about this. Think about how they made you feel at the time of taking them, how you felt afterwards and why you feel drawn back to them.

They’re a form of escapism from doing the work, accessing your feelings authentically and entirely, sitting with yourself and in your truth.

They each hold an energy imprint that heavily affects your own Divine energy field. Opening your consciousness in this way, whilst it may allow you to access the limited experience of joy, power and love, also allows access to everything else in a non discerning, unprotected manner and I promise you, you will pay the price. You’re essentially ripping open your consciousness and that creates a leak in the field and a wound of sorts that is hard to truly heal.

True power, heart opening, joy, pleasure, knowledge and connection is available to you at any time without the use of substances. These aspects of self are your essence. Offer yourself the opportunity to discover this for yourself on your own terms.

You know deep down that you can free yourself of pain not by numbing out but by offering yourself a safe space to feel, heal and finally let go of what burdens you. Be brave, find your champions, and follow the pain to your truth. Choose to set yourself free.

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