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  • Alexia Klompje

All about Greece...

I have been facing some real FEARS this past month as I prepare to take my leap of faith to Greece in a couple weeks time.


Fears are interesting because they're never something that is actually happening in the present moment, even if they feel like they are. If you can face them enough, you soon realise that they either stem from a painful past experience, or are a projection into a potential future experience.

But what I also know is that they're an opportunity to step over a threshold, expand past your edge and so let me tell you a little more about what Greece is to me... 




Really the culmination of a lifetime of personal journey.


The courage to spread my wings and follow my dreams of freedom!

To carve out a new more aligned way of living my life that bucks traditional Western world ideas of hustle, rigid structure and the illusion of what I should have, or what I should own, or how I should show up to be seen as a worthy rendition of an adult.


Every time I tell someone I'm doing this, I get all the usual questions: "what about work, what about your child's schooling, who do you know there, where will you stay?"

When I convince them that I'll still be working, that my child will be homeschooled for a while, that even though I know no one there, I trust the community will hold me, and I've found somewhere to stay - I see them relax and then comes the "you're so lucky."

And I find myself shrinking at this and usually going into a small "who am I to do this story" about how I'm not doing this with any savings, I'm just being brave and figuring it out as I go.

I caught myself the other day and I realised this is not a place to shrink!

This is a place to stand tall and proudly say,

"I'm not lucky, I've just released myself enough from my own limiting beliefs to take a leap of faith into what I know is right, to elevate my perspective on what's possible, and to follow my big dreams, showing my daughter and YOU what's possible in life as an ordinary person facing the usual day to day struggles of survival and choosing to thrive!"



Ikaria is a healing island and one of the Blue zones.

And it's calling me to go be held, nurtured and taken care of in a very grounded physical body way by its land, waters, sun, air, food while I continue to hold space for others as they heal.

This message came through very strongly for me at the start ...

"go, be held, so you can continue with your work".


The body doesn't lie and this year my body is struggling. Those who have worked with me know I offer so much of myself through my work in time, energy and care.

I have so much channelling through me for others and it's a challenge to calibrate that through my physical body at times, and I burn out often.

Being held there, deeply immersed in nature, moving to my own rhythm, will allow me to hold space for my clients in a more grounded & healthy way, and I really look forward to being able to offer you that.



This is also an ancestral trip!

My male lineage is Greek, and there is immense wounding here for me. Both my daughter and I are being called back to Greece by our Greek female ancestral line to claim back the ancestry for ourselves, transmute the pain and move forward with joy, liberating the generations to come. We are the cycle breakers.

The process work in preparation has been colossal!


And it's such important ancestral healing work for me to offer back to the collective. I work with many woman (and men) who are walking this path of feminine reclamation and really it's where our true liberation & empowerment lies in healing the patriarchal distortions.



So! That's Greece in a nutshell.

I look forward to sharing this adventure with you in both news (through this mailer & my blog) but also in all my offerings which address these themes in various ways.



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