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  • Alexia Klompje

As someone who has felt profoundly lonely most of my life...

...- in a family, in a crowd, in a partnership, in a group of friends, the context doesn't matter - I know how incredibly hard this one is.

But what I have learnt these past couple of particularly lonely years - years in which for the first time, I let the loneliness sit beside me, welcomed it without distraction, or avoidance - is that loneliness is without a doubt, my greatest teacher. She’s a bitch and I’m over this particular curriculum, but I can’t deny how grateful I am!

Loneliness has guided me back to myself (at times kicking and screaming) in a way nothing else could. I’ve had to face myself - all of myself, go deep into my heart, feel everything and through this, most amazingly, she’s led me back to my body, to Earth.

I realised that Sunday morning, as I sat, like I do most days, in the forest. Through my loneliness, I’ve cultivated a profound reconnection to nature, to Earth. To understanding myself as nature, as Earth. When I’m lonely, I head straight to the woods, a park, lie on the bare ground, go to the beach, head to the mountains, hug a tree!🌳🥰

And the only time I don’t feel lonely is when I’m deeply connected to Earth in this way - consciously aware of this constant union with her and all she is - so much life, harmony, abundance, unity, transformation, evolution, and an unfathomable number of organisms, including you. And then I’m not painfully lonely, but blissfully alone.

How could we possibly be lonely? Somewhere along this human journey, we forget this, and we’re really just lonely for our true selves - our inherent nature, to remember that we’re part of it all.

So if loneliness is sitting beside you today, let her lead you back to nature, to Earth, to connect with all that you are. Even if you just plonk your bum down on the ground or lean up against a tree, do it, connect and remember…🌿


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