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  • Alexia Klompje

As the end of a momentously transformative 2022 draws closer,

I go forward feeling rather stretched, exhausted but with a bigger heart and a new sense of adventure for the perfect mystery that I trust lies ahead.

I have spent the year going through a gruelling death, and now subsequent rebirth, communing with Earth in a profound way, letting go, breaking my heart open again and again, making room for more and more of...everything!

Still evolving, I do feel more clearer than ever that my offering is one in service to Sacred Union through devotion to Source, Earth, Cosmos, Self, Feminine & Masculine, in Divine Love Embodiment.

My offerings, whether they are 1:1 Shamanic Sessions, Workshops or artworks for the home, all reflect this commitment to the Sacred, to You.

In celebration, I have some exciting news & updates to current offerings & specials for this festive season rolling into 2023. And for 2023 I’m dreaming big dreams.


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