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  • Alexia Klompje

Being Human.

Accepting your humanity can be really tough.


This is something I am, and have always been, challenged by. Even though I’d consider myself to be an open person, I realize that I keep a lot under wraps. Even from myself. And I actually hide behind the belief that I’m an ”open book” type of person.


The more I awaken, the more I’m having to accept my vulnerability as a human being. And it’s uncomfortable! If I’m honest, most times I’m ashamed of my humanity. Ashamed of my emotions, ashamed when I struggle or seemingly lose the plot, ashamed of my perceived internal and external flaws, ashamed when I’m explicitly expressing myself. It makes me want to run and hide most of the time, which is what I’ve really spent my life doing. Staying safe. But staying really small. Keeping my light just the right level of dim.


But I’ve chosen to not stay small and gently, but no matter what it takes, step out into the light. And from here I make peace with myself and watch the shadows fall away. Sometimes excruciatingly painfully. They’ve been my allies for a long time, and now there’s nowhere left to hide, and for the most part I feel completely nude.


And so, I share this with you at a time when I’m feeling particularly vulnerable, so you know that no matter where you’re at in your journey, the full spectrum of being a spiritual being having a human experience is there right alongside you. It’s real, sometimes bumpy, always layered. But it’s where all the lessons are at, where the potential lies to access the fullness of who you are if you can have the courage to commit and just keep going.



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