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  • Alexia Klompje

Can you allow yourself to heal?

This Eclipse season culminating (but not ending) with today’s Full Blood Moon lunar Eclipse in Taurus has been momentous.

Seismic shift amounts of energy coming in with this Cosmic storm to bring up and out anything that no longer serves; relationships, wounding, belief systems, old ways of being, friendships, behaviours etc etc. Simultaneously this energy can be welcomed, can be trusted to also bring in the powerful energy of transformation and healing. If you allow it to.

To heal, you need to feel. You need to allow yourself to feel into all the pain and discomfort, welcome it with open arms, offer the things keeping you small, stuck and sore to this storm trusting that what needs to stay will be left standing once the storm as blown through so you can start to rebuild, to create from a stable foundation.

Trust yourself, trust the wisdom of the Universe, be willing to go to your darkest, most shadowy places and sit there with compassion, facing them and yourself with love. Embracing all that you are.

Feel. And let this storm have it’s way with you. This is really what you’ve been waiting for, asking for.


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