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  • Alexia Klompje

Chiron conjunct the North Node

Some Chiron (wounded healer) conjunct the North Node (Dharma) astro inspired musings for this February…

💎 Your wounding holds all the answers. Your most challenging experiences & moments really offer you the opportunity for the best teachings & self mastery. 

🔑 Through a greater understanding of the offerings within your most challenging experiences, you gain access to the key of your true purpose & ultimate fulfilment.

⚡️Tired of those frustrating, painful patterns that keep repeating and keep you feeling stuck? Hard one to hear, but it’s you in your infinite wisdom attracting the same lessons your way over & over again. Which means you really do hold all the power to change things up & move forward, lessons learnt, wisdom gained.

Some journal prompts to help you gain clarity to transmute your wounding into your mastery as you move forward:

💎 What lesson & opportunity for growth was presented to you through a challenging experience?

💎 What were you shown about yourself or what did you learn about yourself through this challenge? 

💎 How has this experience changed you? 

💎 What still holds you back? 

💎 What do you now need to let go of in order to move forward? 

🔑 What healing, lessons & gifts are you taking with you?

🔑 How can you share your gifts, unique perspective and greater understanding of yourself with the world?

⚡️ Where are you being called to be accountable for the repeating patterns? 

⚡️ What choices do you need to make to step out of the repeating patterns?

This can be a truly triggering time but it’s incredibly supportive in the opportunity we’re being offered to move forward into something far greater. Into our unique purpose.

If you need support & guidance with this, please reach out. 


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