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  • Alexia Klompje


Shjoe, this Eclipse energy (New Moon Solar Eclipse 25 Oct, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 8 Nov) is ripping right through me like the wildest of tornadoes, kicking up all the dust, having me wading through the Shadow in search of what needs to healed, cleared and offered up to the wind.

I’ve truly had moments where I felt like I was breaking apart, breaking open, just breaking, broken. Deep in my core wounding of feeling unwanted, unloveable, unworthy.

What has been apparent, now that I have a moment to breathe and share, before I suspect I’m thrown back in again, is the need to be in my body, to feel everything, to wade through it all heart centred, heart led, following my own guidance, moving with inspired action, connected to The Great Mother Earth, without thinking, unable to think. And there’s huge relief in that. A feeling of being held. A feeling of peace even in the midst of all the chaos.

Riding this incredible surge of energy as best I can, trusting this almighty Cosmic force, working with it, allowing it to do what it needs to do, choosing to let go of all this old pain because right now the discomfort of staying the same, is far greater than the discomfort of change.

Trusting that a bright new day awaits the other side of this storm. 🌪 ☀️

Love to you if you’re riding it alongside me.

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