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  • Alexia Klompje

Egypt 2

I understood before coming to Egypt that this journey would be a pilgrimage of empowerment. And the second I landed, I powered up. But in such a deep and silent way. Egypt is my power place and it’s showing me all that I am through her gentle wisdom.

This Pyramid of Dahshur was my first Pyramid. As I began my walk up her (to me, this pyramid is feminine) I felt physically challenged and unable to walk into her alone. I had an independent woman mental battle with myself but as I reached her entrance, there was a local man sitting there checking tickets, and I had this very strong knowing that I needed to ask this masculine for help.

In that moment I explored the power in surrendering to receiving assistance, to asking a masculine to lead me, to the strength and heart opening in vulnerability. And that was just the start.

He guided me with such care & patience down the longest, smallest, darkest tunnel into that almighty Pyramid’s womb in which I experienced a rebirth. A full power channelling through her womb centre, my heart bursting open as I remembered, and I just wept while this masculine held a space for me, comforting me, letting me feel and be.

I didn’t come out of that Pyramid the same. And as he continued to guide me all the way down her steps to the outside world, I felt such immense gratitude for that perfect experience.

Egypt, I love you deeply. And in loving you, I love myself too.

PS: this journey with the masculine has continued throughout my journey. One open hearted, generous masculine after the next, taking extra care to hold a safe space for me.

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