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  • Alexia Klompje

Egypt 4

When I was guided to go to Egypt, I was given very specific information by my spirit peeps on what I was going to do here.

As mentioned in my first post I was told that in Egypt was the “Golden Key to my Destiny” and that it was time to retrieve this key and turn it. Ok I said, not knowing what to expect. But here I am. And I’ve been wondering how this would present itself but also trusted when the time was right, it just would.

Yesterday I went to the great Abu Simbel Temples. One of the Sacred sites I was called to visit.

As I entered one of the temple rooms I heard very clearly “you belong here” and was overwhelmed by a remembering that it has taken me many challenging lifetimes to return to this Sacred place. I realised that eventually I both feel, and am worthy of returning.

At that moment this beautiful Holy man dressed in white, who I’d seen floating around the Temple, entered the room and said “This is for you. The Golden Key of Life” and handed me this giant golden key!

Needless to say I just started weeping.

This is the key to both temples. The masculine King Ramesses temple and the feminine temple of his Beloved Queen Nefertari.

Which is just so beautiful! I’m immensely dedicated to the Divine masculine & feminine, have spent the last couple of years undergoing a purification of the body in the understanding that my body is a Sacred Temple, and have been activating and working with the power of the almighty Ankh for months now.

Clearly it’s time to turn the key!

More images @sha.woman


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