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  • Alexia Klompje

Finding my way back to the truth of my femininity...

in body, mind and soul, has been the foundation of my journey of the last 4 years.

And! This understanding is what has guided this incredibly aligned move to Greece - where I feel the most sensual, most powerful, most peaceful version of myself in every way! A deep surrender & acceptance of who I am as a woman - all of me, every part of me 🌸🔥🐅, on my terms - in a beautifully balanced way.

If you’re a woman wanting to…

ꕤ explore how you create your life, career & relationships as a woman embodying healthy femininity?

ꕤ investigate or heal what may currently be challenging you about being a woman, and why?

ꕤ learn how to soften, surrender, receive & flow whilst feeling empowered & powerful?

ꕤ honour your soul purpose, heart’s desires and personal truth?

ꕤ identify current emotional patterning & intellectual beliefs around femininity, and what being a woman in today’s world offers?

ꕤ return to wholeness around trauma to your feminine being, body, sensuality, sexuality?

Let me guide and assist you with this through my Queen Activation program. All my offerings are birthed through my own journey and experiences, and this one is dear to my heart.

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