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  • Alexia Klompje

Good Questions to ask yourself.

At the end of a helluva last year I asked myself a collection of questions as I was aligning to my truth, and stumbling upon them months later (under a note on my phone titled “Good Questions to Ask Yourself”), I realise just how transformative this investigation was, and so at the start of this powerful year I ask you…


- Who are you when no one is watching?

- What does your unguarded heart yearn for?

- Who are you when everything is stripped away?

- How does your body want to move when you are alone?

- What would you do or be if nothing was required of you?

- Are you willing to commit to your own personal freedom?

- What do you need to break free of in order to move forward?

- What are your visions of the future? And how can you dedicate yourself to seeing them through?


If I recall correctly I think the questions are a collection sourced from @sabrinalynn_rewilding, @thepattern and myself.


Image via Pinterest


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