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  • Alexia Klompje

Humanity is going through a massive upheaval.

We are all being woken up at a rapid pace. The degree to which you resist it, is the degree to which you’ll struggle and both are up to you, your choice, you have free will. But no one is being left behind.

All the guidance points to letting yourself feel. Come back into your body and feel.

As a society, we’ve been trained right out of our feeling body and into our thinking body, away from our hearts (love) and into the mind (hijacked as a vehicle of fear). It’s time to integrate and honour the heart as the Oracle - your portal to the Divine. Let your mind evolve out of fear and into its fullest expression of genius through her wisdom. This is a feeling path.

We’ve also been trained that anything other than feeling joy, happiness, ecstasy is to be avoided at all costs. This has led to an imbalance and without allowing ourselves to feel everything including sadness, grief, anger - not only have we banished them to the shadow where they’re claustrophobically causing havoc, we’ve also robbed ourselves of experiencing joy, happiness, ecstasy in their fullest expressions.

Enter drugs, alcohol, addiction of every kind, anxiety, even the ever increasing trend (and declining sanctity) of plant medicines - a smorgasbord of externally sourced, used and abused methods of either numbing the banished emotions or desperately trying to feel the permitted emotions.

Just sit and feel. Put a hand against your heart, feel it beating - it’s there I promise you - connect with it, and allow your heart to guide you to what you need to feel. Follow her Sacred path to all of it. Cry your tears of sadness. Let the grief swallow you. Let the rage transform you. Let the joy enliven you. Let the happiness comfort you. Let the ecstasy light you up.

You will not die - your ego constructs will, the illusions will, the mistruths will - but you will live on truly free. And isn’t this what we’re all desperately seeking anyway? You hold the key to your own prison, you always have. And it sits right here in your heart.

Get the support you need during this time.


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