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  • Alexia Klompje

I am deeply committed

to exploring and cultivating deeper levels of conscious connection in all its' forms - to the self, to the Sacred (whatever that means to you), to others.

The Sha.woman Community is where I hold space for the collective in communal collaboration offering you the opportunity to reconnect to all that you are through your unique human experience & journey whilst connecting to and sharing with others.


I offer various ways to commune but our free live gatherings, mostly online, every Full Moon 🌕 are an amazing way to show up, share what’s on your mind or heart if you feel called to, get support and connect to a community in a conscious way.


If you have worked with me then you’ll know I hold a relaxed space with plenty of humour. You don’t have to show up in any way other than exactly as you are. I hold space, but I also share. And as someone who steers well clear of any kind of “spiritual” gatherings, I keep things as real and as grounded as possible.


Find out more via the Sha.woman Community.


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