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  • Alexia Klompje

I think meditation is one of the least understood “spiritual” practices.

It’s really not a state of doing but a state of being that can be accessed anytime, anywhere and is simply an experience of spaciousness, stillness and a moment to face yourself as you are, right where you are.

There is no striving here. No rules. No shoulds. No musts. No place you have to go. This isn’t a wrestle with your ego. 

Right this second, close your eyes, take a breath and allow yourself to sink into yourself. Observe. Feel. Be present with all of yourself. Access your inherent state of stillness.

Voila! You’re meditating! 

You can also play (key word here!) with this while cleaning your home, walking in nature, sitting in the park, floating in the sea, moving your body. 

You do not have to sit unmoving for a set amount of time trying not to think. This is unnatural unless it feels natural to you. And why would behaving unnaturally allow you access to the most natural essence self?! 

Meditation is a state of self love - work with yourself, not against yourself. 


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