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  • Alexia Klompje

I was recently reminded of the Universal Law of Giving & Receiving

by Deepak Chopra as I revisited his 21 Days of Abundance Meditation.

The law is such - that which we wish to receive in the world, is that which we need to give out to the world.

I had to ask myself if I was in alignment with that law. I thought of a few of my current experiences of friction - for me relationships are always my greatest teachers - and I felt into what I really wanted, desired, needed from those people and relationships and then I had to honestly ask myself:

1) Am I offering that to the other person and relationship?

2) Am I offering that to myself in this relationship?

And the answer was a very accountable & at times shocking “no”.

The work always starts with, and is really only ever with self. Everything is a reflection. Everything is happening through you, for you. That is how powerful you are.

Can you be radically honest with yourself about how you’re showing up? Can you be radically accountable for how what's showing up is through you? Can you then offer yourself immense amounts of compassion, and understanding - creating an open hearted space to choose to align with what you truly desire by offering it to yourself and others?


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