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  • Alexia Klompje

In challenging, choice point times

there is nothing more empowering than remembering how creative you really are. And how inspiring play is.


Add playing with clay to the mix - a power house of a grounding creative play therapy session right at your fingertips.


This is what my Clay Play Workshop is all about.

Let’s remember how to play!

Let’s remember who we are as creator beings.

Let’s get our hands moving & stimulate all our senses.

Let’s get close to Earth and use her as our medium.

Let’s get quiet, go within and explore.

Let’s free ourselves, even if for only 3 hours, to remember creativity & play are our true nature.


I host private guided (fully catered) workshops at my home for 4-6 people, or a guided online workshop via Teachable that you can take part it whenever you want, wherever you want. (Using air drying clay, it’s so much easier than you think!)


Find out more here.


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