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  • Alexia Klompje

Is an incredibly inspiring question to ask yourself.

Because to be able to answer this question, you essentially need to know what you want, and what you want to create. Needs fulfil a desire.

Most of us struggle to define what it is we truly want. Or we're too afraid to even start that deep & meaningful conversation with our heart. We don't even get to the point of asking what our needs are.

With this powerful creative energy of 2023, clarity on what it is you truly want, and want to create and what you need to make that manifest is imperative.

In this week's first live Sha.woman Community online gathering, we're going to start with a guided meditation I like to call "Create the Life your Heart Desires".

I will gently guide you home to your Heart so you can hear its' unique rhythm, it's desires, its' wishes and dreams. Your Heart is the greatest Oracle and she has many things to tell you, if you're brave enough to listen.

If you already know what your Heart desires, join anyway, build on the clarity, add fuel to the fire of your dreams.

From there we'll discuss what you feel you need to truly bring this dream into manifestation.

Grab a ticket here!




This week in the Sha.woman Mailer I discussed what I’ve been exploring, and why, in commitment to honouring my needs. Sign up to the Sha.woman Email List if you’d like more personal sharings and things to inspire your journey.


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