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  • Alexia Klompje

“It's funny how you come to couples work thinking

it's all about your problems with your partner, only to discover that they're just a reflection of you and that you have created a lot of your own barriers to love. Alexia helped me to identify these and to shift a transmute heavy things I've been carrying for decades. It is a beautiful thing to speak your truth while being held with love and compassion and zero judgement. She is very present and there were moments that healing felt spontaneous.

The biggest change in our relationship has been how we approach it. I view it more as a process now rather than always being disappointed that we’re not at an ideal destination. Through our work with Alexia we realised that a lot of our problems weren’t due to character flaws or incompatibility and we could work through them layer by layer if we stayed curious. As a result we find things don’t escalate unnecessarily anymore.

Alexia helped us out of a stuckness that felt very hard to unlock. I highly recommend working with her if you’re in that very difficult and lonely place. Life’s too short to suffer!”

- SV


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