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  • Alexia Klompje

It’s taking me a little while to land after Egypt I continue to integrate all the Coding I accessed and activated there.

My heart continues to yearn for that land, those Sacred places. I have some days where it literally aches for that desert and I just need to sob. But then I remember, it’s all within me and there’s relief in that.

I find myself in a strangely pregnant pause in my Life. Knowing that a new one is about to begin, that I’ve outgrown the old one, but first there’s a transition, a germination period I need to sit in before I can move onwards.

In this space, I’m faced with some deep shadow work, the places even I’ve been hiding from, the last hooks that keep me from being All that I Am, the fears, the doubts, the illusions. And so here I sit and meet myself again and again.

But here I also sit and access the entire Cosmos of Creation and so too meet myself here and ask myself who am I as a Creator Being and what immense Power do I hold?

I think a lot of us find ourselves in such a pause, where we’re truly facing ourselves, all the feels. We need to remember that even though this may be incredibly uncomfortable, this is the sweet spot where anything & everything is possible. Where we hold all the Power. And there’s just so much magic in that!


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