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  • Alexia Klompje

Lessons from the Plants

In the last 6 months or so I’ve been called to work with plant medicine. Something I didn’t think I’d be called to do in this lifetime. Journeying comes naturally to me. It’s easy for me to leave my body, and travel into the expanse of the great unknown, commune with Source, work with Guides, visit other dimensions.


But working with the sacred medicine was deeply humbling and this is what it taught me:


- Journeying within and exploring the perceived limitations of the Self through the body is where the true call to expansion rings.

- Our perceived limitations are an illusion and once you break through those illusions - mortality, separation, and enter the void, the death of the ego, only then do you truly understand your vast and endless potential and capabilities.

- This journey through your Self can only be done by you, digging deep, trusting that you have what it takes to get you through the deepest of Shadow and into the Light. Light that can only be accessed through the Shadow.

- Your breath, your life force, is your constant guide through the hardest Rites of Passage.

- Your body is the most intelligent machine of evolution, housing the entire Universe and beyond within it, able to withstand and process an immense amount.

- The act of surrender is a portal.

- You can get through anything, one step at a time, by backing yourself, understanding your true strength.

- Earth is The Great Mother who deserves the deepest of respect.

- Source/Divine Wisdom/Great Spirit has a wonderful sense of humour.


These are lessons that I use daily through the greatest journey of all - Life.


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