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  • Alexia Klompje

NEW 1:1 OFFERING : “Ceremony”

In the midst of what can only be described as a profound moment of gravitas in our evolution - an opportunity for quantum leaps forward - I have been called to hold "Ceremony".

A private in person ceremonial offering to intentionally mark a letting go, and a welcoming in - ritualistically grounding and celebrating a fresh new start aligned to your purpose & life path.

What is Ceremony?

This is a powerful two part ceremonial offering - an intentional moment to consciously & ritualistically mark a letting go, and a welcoming in.

Going through a big life transition? Mourning the loss of a loved one or relationship? Needing to free yourself from old, outdated stories, belief systems or behaviours? Called to step into greater alignment with your life path letting go of what's holding you back?

This Ceremony offering is a safe, guided space to reach clarity on what needs to be let go of, processed & released in order to step over a threshold to welcome in, ground & celebrate a fresh new start aligned to your purpose and life path.

Who is this program for?

Ceremony is for individuals who are;

- wanting to mark an ending & a beginning - feeling called to ceremony as support during transition, transformation and ascension beyond challenging life chapters - craving Sacred reconnection, ceremony & ritual as support during change point moments in life (including marriage & pregnancy) - ready to energetically let go & release the old or outdated to create space for, and welcome in new beginnings in life, love & purpose - ready to let go of self sabotaging coping behaviours and choose freedom & an empowered way of showing up for self - feeling it's time to release attachment, or the grieving period of a loved one who has moved on - seeking safe, grounded, non substance or medicine dependent ritual of transformation - consciously called to clear karma, and activate dharma

I’m so excited about this offering!

Find out more here.

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