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  • Alexia Klompje

NEW! Embodiment Energy Massage

A deeply relaxing & healing full body energy massage offering for women.

Working with your physical body through hands-on massage techniques, and your energy system using channelled Source Energy, this massage is a wonderful way to reconnect to your body, enter a state of deep rest and re-align to your centre.

This offering is great support for anyone when:

- feeling out of alignment or disconnected from your body or energy system

- experiencing emotional, physical or energetic imbalance, discomfort or dis-ease

- feeling called to energetic healing

- needing nervous system regulation

- called to cultivate a healthier, more grounded relationship to your physical body

- wanting to enter a safe space of deep rest and come home to your body

- needing an energy boost and chakra balance

- wanting to gently activate Kundalini or life force energy

I studied and practiced energy massage right at the start of my healing journey over 20 years ago and I’m so excited to be returning to my original healing offering, understanding how important it is to feel at home and comfortable in a regulated & relaxed body, especially as a woman.

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