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  • Alexia Klompje

NEW! “King Energy Activation”

I’m thrilled to launch this program. As I work more and more with men, I realise how deeply committed I am (and how much I thoroughly enjoy) holding a safe, compassionate space for men on conscious journeys of evolution. There is a loud call to heal and release outdated, distorted masculine templates and to step into and ground healthy, empowered masculinity.


This private 8 week program is designed for men wanting to explore, reconnect and integrate their healthiest, most conscious expression of masculinity.


The program offers you support in:


* identifying how you want to show up in your life, career & relationships as a man embodying healthy masculinity

* gently exploring what may currently be challenging you in the realm of masculinity, and why

* consciously working through various transpersonal themes

* investigating your soul purpose, heart's desires and personal truth

* helping you work towards specific life oriented intentions or outcomes with integrity

* exploring your wounding, or any traumas that need to be identified, processed & integrated

* identifying current emotional patterning and intellectual beliefs around masculinity, and what being a man in today's world means

* gaining greater understanding about both internal & external masculine and feminine archetypes & dynamics, and how this influences and shows up in relationship

* learning about healthy masculine templates and how to ground and embody them, activating your King energy

* moving forward on your life path in a grounded, empowered way

"This protocol has been some of the most insightful and impactful self development work I've done. After feeling lost and stagnant, I was guided back to my inner strength. I've reconnected to my expansive masculine energy via the conduit of self sovereignty." - DH



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