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  • Alexia Klompje

New Moon live online Sha.woman Community Gathering

tonight 20 February 7pm SAST.

It’s a feeling, reflecting, listening one 🌙 in Pisces. And we’re going to do just that in tonight’s gathering.

Let’s show up, share, be held by open hearts and old souls, letting the collective wisdom stream in to guide as into the next astrological year.

In today's stories I share various New Moon posts if you want to tune into the energy of this lunation gaining some clarity about what we’re being called to work with at this time. There's a lot going on with various other astrological happenings all working alongside this New Moon...

Further surrender in letting go, creativity in the planting of new seeds for the upcoming astrological cycle, stepping into empowerment, implementing of boundaries, calls to commitment, expanding through vulnerability, heart openings, trusting of intuition and Divine Wisdom to name a few.

Hope to see you later! Show up as you are.

I'm personally having a very emotional day being Pisces Rising and I'm just going to show up in that!

Grab your donation based online tickets here. Available to purchase until 7pm SAST.

These live gatherings aren't recorded to respect the privacy of the sharings.

Image via Pinterest.


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