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  • Alexia Klompje


We’re currently being called to raise our vibration.

What does this mean exactly?

As energetic beings, we resonate at a vibration.

Think of what fear feels like in contrast to love. They resonate at different vibrations - fear being a much denser, heavier vibration than love.

The great news is that we have the ability to raise our vibration to a higher resonance at any time. And it’s down to a matter of perspective and a change in perception. Which is really everything. And sets the pace for your evolution.

Even in the midst of the most debilitating grief, rage or fear - there is an opportunity to raise your vibration. And I don't by any means refer to bypassing.

Acceptance is the first step - you need to feel it all, sit with it all, let it break you open.

But to also let it reveal its treasure.

Any given moment, every experience, is offering you the gift of wisdom.

The potential for a new way of being, understanding, knowing, giving & receiving, serving.

Whether you are open to receiving this gift or not, is entirely up to you. But your treasure trove always lies in wait for you to discover and claim it.

Moving through life's challenging experiences with this elevated understanding, committed to learning the lessons, receiving the gifts of every moment, raises your vibration to a frequency of gratitude and grace. Aiding the letting go of what no longer aligns, the letting go of the discomfort & pain of the experience, with greater ease and less suffering.

This is why we are here after all.

To learn, to expand, to grow and to access our full wisdom along the way.

And so as we continue to clear our path back to Self, we are being guided and supported in this way - being asked to raise our vibration.


By the light of the Full Moon 🌕 we are going to be led through our inner landscapes, releasing what we need to, on the way to discovering our treasures.

Image by Laurence Poullauec


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