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  • Alexia Klompje


I had a really tough week last week. I was wading through many lifetimes of heart ache all at once. At one point I was accessing more than one lifetime where I’d literally died from heartbreak and was experiencing that agony again in multiple layers. I was desperately asking for help and then I got a ping. Asking is one thing, being open to receive is another. I realised I wasn’t open to receiving, and when I softened in my pain, opening to receiving the assistance…sweet relief.

It happened in other ways too.

Another morning last week, (a very tough week I tell you!) I sat by the river in the forest, feeling heartbroken and I looked up in that moment to find a perfect deep red rose 🌹 lying on top of a rock in the middle of the river. It felt like a gift and so I claimed it for my heart and now it sits on my altar reminding me of love and the gifts of receiving through an open heart. Tender but open.

If your heart is sore, and you found your way to this post, I send your heart ❤️

Image from Pinterest


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