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  • Alexia Klompje

Sometimes as beings,

particularly as socially groomed female beings 🙄, we need to access and use what I call “the fuck off voice”.


What is that? Essentially it’s the voice of the Dark Feminine, an aspect of the Divine Feminine. The fierce aspect of yourself that protects you and what is precious to you, that isn’t interested in anything other than truth, that is crystal clear about your needs & boundaries, and will swiftly and unapologetically call out and deal with anyone or thing breaching those boundaries.


Does that mean you literally have to tell people to fuck off? Sometimes.

Does it always need to be voiced through speech? No.

But it’s a fire in the belly, a courageous heart, a strong feminine energy claiming what’s yours and protecting your most sacred self and it has a very important place in your life.


Celebrate her, welcome her in, allow her to protect you - she’s as valid and Sacred as any other aspect of the Divine Feminine. She’s the warrior of your heart. The sentinel of your peace.


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