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  • Alexia Klompje

The last 4 years have been a meandering plot

of confusing but liberating twists & turns in regards to this offering of mine.

Through it all the only thing I’ve been sure of was the need for me to show up as authentically as possible and serve.

Each time I thought I’d eventually locked down exactly what I was doing, things would get shaken up, new info & gifts would come online, I’d evolve and everything would change again.

I reached a point a month or so ago when I realised the less I identified with the better!

Attachment to anything is futile.

Each moment of connection, each client, each holding of space requires something completely different of me but I did eventually realise that the only constant is…

the call to be unattached and open to receiving, then gently reflecting back, the unique wisdom that presents itself in whomever I am opposite.

Each time someone asked me what I did, I had less and less words to answer. I started settling with “I help people remember who they are”.

But I now know that what I do is offer people what they are in fact offering me in that sacred moment - the realising, unfolding & activating of life's full potential.


I invite you to come sit with me, collaborate with me, join me as we have the opportunity to offer this to one another and set ourselves free.

Find out more about all my life potential activating offerings here.

A special thanks to Lynn Kristafor for her help grounding this Earth side.


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