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  • Alexia Klompje

The (oh so) DIVINE Masculine

This sharing refers to the masculine & feminine within and without. For too long feminine & masculine have been pitted against each other, but they are two polarities of The One. The masculine has also been gravely wounded by the Patriarchy, culminating in a distorted masculine template. As feminine rises and breaks free of her distortions, so too can the masculine. It is so important for the feminine to hold this Sacred space created by her empowerment with Higher Heart love & respect for the Divine masculine. In this way, the true aspects of masculine can also rise up and be reborn. In this way the true aspects of feminine can come into being. In this way the feminine and masculine can harmonise. I’ve been doing a lot of deep work around this lately. Really having to own, heal and release the very angry & wounded feminine aspects of myself that were pushing back against the masculine and in so doing perpetuating the distortions. It’s really fascinating and incredibly transformative work. Image by Saatchi Art, artist Pauline Thomas


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