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  • Alexia Klompje

These times...

I'm so grateful to have had a very busy March, looking to be a very busy April too.


Collaborating with all you amazing beings is such a gift.


I learn as much from you, as you from me. The healing goes both ways.

Ultimately we are a soul tribe, finding each other again, to walk side by side as we navigate a truly amazing passage here on Earth.

Finding our way back home to ourselves.

(Selves with a big S!)


This is also a powerful time to be shining the light on old patterning, belief systems or conditioning that need to be seen, understood & released for you to

allow what you want to flow into your experience.


This is definitely the theme of 2024. This is what we've been preparing for.


That is also, after all, what we're doing here.

Experiencing our Selves, here on Earth, where we are able to physically manifest multidimensional experiences for expansion.

Fun! If we can just get out our own way, surrender into alignment, and accept all that we are.


You also need to know what you want!

Do you know what you want?

Do you know what you want to experience?


If you'd like to work with me in an empowering way:

raising your perspective,

aligning to your truth,

releasing what you're ready to let go of,

integrating your human journey,

gaining clarity on what you want to experience,


For most of March I was fully booked, with only one session slot available most days in April already.



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