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  • Alexia Klompje

This excerpt from “Metamorphosis” by Dar Pan could not more perfectly sum up the energy of this time

powered by tomorrow’s rare hybrid New Moon Solar Eclipse…


“We stand at the threshold of a great dawning. Something deep within life is changing.

An era is ending & at the very core of creation, something new is being born.

We are awakening from a long, collective sleep, an in-vitro dreaming deep within the womb of our Mother Earth.

Now is the time, of a great shifting of cosmic wheels, which will result in the reformation of our Earth & trigger a radical shift in consciousness.

A galactic tidal wave of light is descending upon the Earth, activating the highest potential, raising the frequency.

Reality is being reformed, redefined.

The activation of new neural pathways will trigger new perceptions, new information, new impulses & a recalibration of DNA. Open yourself to these high dimensional frequencies.

Let go.”

Listen to the full poem here or watch this video...



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