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  • Alexia Klompje

What are you doing this Valentine’s Day?

Come join me and a collaborative community at the first Material Mastery Workshop!

An act of self love that'll fill your cup in a big way.

This workshops runs in groups of 6 people, over 6 weeks with a 1 x 2 hour group online call a week addressing a particular theme.

Each group session runs according to the curriculum and will comprise of teachings, sensitive exploration and observation, honest conversational sharings, guided discussions, meditations, practical exercises, & journal prompts.

Who is this workshop for? Anyone…

♡ money in the bank, or no money in the bank, wanting to heal their relationship to money in an empowering, shame free, collaborative workshop space 

♡ wanting to expand and evolve beyond current money & material world belief systems, limitations and programming

♡ looking for freedom to live their best expression of life with confidence, security & stability

♡ in need of repairing their relationship with all aspects of money, wealth, assets, ownership, prosperity, attachment to physical "things"

♡ needing to transition through, transform and ascend beyond challenging disempowered financial & creative life chapters 

♡ yearning to reconnect to inner wealth, empowerment, creatorship & prosperity 

♡ wanting to heal and let go of ancestral or adopted money or material wounding, fears or conditioning

♡ wanting to change how you earn, receive, give and create money & wealth

♡ needing a holistic and transpersonal approach to exploring prosperity, abundance and wealth

♡ needing to ground, build solid foundations and feel safe to flourish in all aspects of life

♡yearning to release fears around survival in order to experience the natural abundant flow of your life


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