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  • Alexia Klompje

You are your purpose.

Our human minds and egos, deeply conditioned by the patriarchy, are attached to the idea of a purpose as a doing vs what it really is which is - a state of being.


You don’t do your purpose, you be your purpose. That’s right. Just being is enough. Getting closer and closer to your truth, remembering who you are in your fullness, and then expressing that courageously is your purpose. Your unique expression of, and in, the Universe. Isn’t that a relief? You’re not looking for anything other than yourself!


We all serve through this being - our purpose. We serve through simply living it, embodying it.


For some it manifests through what we do to earn a living (crazy concept for another conversation), but for some (probably most) it doesn’t. You just show up in your purpose, in your fullness offering that one of a kind genius to the world and community around you. That simple. Find your joy. Embrace your unique self. Commit to being a healthy you, fully. Let that shine. Purpose realised!

Many of my clients come to me seeking their purpose. I spent most of my life seeking the same thing. And it’s always, always a courageous journey back home to self, to the heart, and a subsequent exquisite unfolding to present what is and has always been right there. 💎


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