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Sha.woman The Expansion Pathway

This 12 week, 1:1 pathway program supports expansion and fulfilment through exploring, cultivating and healing relationship to the Sacred, Self and Others.

Feeling stuck, unfulfilled, unsafe or disconnected from Spirit, Self or people & the world around you?

A beautiful investigation & understanding of the Self offering the potential for true transformation & empowerment. A great follow on from a Source Energy Session or Mentoring package.

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Sha.woman Finding the Balance Process

This 8 week couples or group program is for romantic partners, friends or family members wanting to come together to explore and find balance within the evolving dynamics of a current connection.

Experiencing disruptions, power struggles, disconnection and unease in your relationship?


This process is valuable when working with a particular relational challenge that needs collaborative, co-creative and mature resolution.

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Sha.woman Reconnect to Elevate Relationship

This extensive 16 week program is for romantic partners on a committed journey of discovery into the world of relationship & reconnection to the Sacred, Self and Others.

Feeling the call for empowerment, fulfilment & freedom in your current relationships and life?

This program is ideal for deep and extensive personal and interpersonal relational healing and transformation offering the potential for an extraordinary relationship.

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