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Relationship Mentoring Sessions

What are Relationship Mentoring Sessions?

These online mentoring sessions offer you a safe, supported space in which to explore your evolving Self within the realm of connection.

At this time, many are experiencing a call to return home to Self which is culminating in inevitable disruptions within current romantic, familial and friendship relationships. As we need to shift and rebalance, our relationships will need to do the same and this can be a confusing, painful and challenging time for all. 

This package of supportive sessions are ideal for those wanting to consciously explore how to personally, and in an empowered manner, find the courage and clarity to transform, transition, and evolve either within current connections, into new connections or out of current connections that have simply run their course. 

Mentoring Sessions take the form of supportive conversational online video calls of one hour each.

Each session is centred around:

  • diving deeper into what may currently be challenging you, and why, around a particular relationship/s

  • consciously exploring relation to Self, and how you partner your Self first & foremost

  • investigating your relational patterning & wounding and how they may affect current relationship dynamics

  • healing relational trauma

  • supporting you as you consciously work through various transpersonal relationship themes 

  • assisting you gain clarity regarding your relationship desires and needs

  • identifying personal boundaries and how to place them

  • helping you work towards relationship oriented intentions or outcomes

  • supporting you as you continue to explore your personal growth and shifts, and how best to integrate that into your relationship/s.

*Please note these are 1:1 Sessions for individuals, and not couple, family or friend group sessions. In these sessions we focus on you and your relational growth & healing journey. Should you wish to work alongside a spouse, family member or friend then please take a look at the Finding the Balance Workshop.

The Relationship Mentoring Package is available in:


A package of 4 Sessions at:

R3200 (South African residents) at R800 per session /

US$380 (those outside of South Africa) at $95 per session.

Credit or debit card payments via Payfast or Paypal are an option, as well as a payment plan.

I do offer a complimentary 10 minute meet & greet if you'd like to set up an introductory video call before committing to a package.

Your Guide.

As I started to awake to my true Self, I needed to make conscious, brave but painful decisions to let various relationships go, including my marriage of 11 years. I did this in the knowing & understanding that relationships are cyclical and that these relationship dynamics were simply no longer aligned to where I was at the time nor where I wanted to be. I also found it incredibly challenging to be working head on with my own awakening, whilst navigating the realm of relationship. Some relationships went through beautiful rebirths, others fully ended.


I was never taught how to truthfully face relationship transformations, nor that such transitions and endings were natural, let alone could be a conscious choice. Needless to say I made my fair share of mistakes, but I continue to learn from them and what I have learnt is that:

honouring your personal evolution cannot be separate to the evolution of relationship. We are beautifully interconnected in that way.

- although messy at times (it sometimes needs to be a little messy!), relationships can evolve in whichever direction with honour & love, not only for self, but the other and the relationship, even if just the memory of the relationship.

I was also never taught how to be "alone", how to cultivate a healthy, conscious solo partnership with myself first and foremost. 

In these sessions I offer up all my learnings, gifts and wisdom so that others walking this path know they are not alone and can feel supported as they move closer to their Truth and how this inspires their relationship to Self and others.

Find out more About me.

Sha.woman Gift Vouchers can be used towards 1:1 Sessions.

“A couple of sessions with Alexia and my life was flipped on it's head, but in the best and healthiest way imaginable - like a yoga headstand.

I experienced immediate inner connection, self awareness and permission to prioritise deep callings. As well as a sense of forgiveness and open heartedness. 

— DH (1:1 Sessions)

“Lex is a force for good in the world. She leads with her whole heart, sharing her deep intuition and connection to the otherwise unknown for the purposes of healing, generosity and love. I am so inspired by her hope, sensitivity and caring spirit in service of her clients and a kinder world.  I always feel better after having seen her; and am blessed to know someone with her incredible gifts.” 

— JR (1:1 Sessions)

“Alexia gently and safely guided me back into my own home body in her sessions. Her warmth, humour and light makes the healing process feel very supported, and because she works with such presence, you feel as if everything will be okay in that very moment and moving forward. I would highly recommend a session with her to get in touch with your truth.”

– RR (1:1 Sessions)

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