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The Expansion Pathway

What is the Expansion Pathway?

This extensive private 12 week program is designed to support personal expansion by offering you the opportunity to activate your life's full potential by remembering and consciously reconnecting to all that you are.

Feeling disconnected from Spirit, Self, or community and the world around you? Feeling like there is something more to experience in your life, but unsure what that is? Called to step into greater alignment with your life path, spirituality & purpose? Struggling to make sense of you life's journey and wondering where to from here? 

The Expansion Pathway Program offers a powerful space in which to explore, heal & evolve relationship to the Sacred, Self and Others, through the understanding & integration of your unique human experience, journey & relationships. This creates the opportunity for transformation and empowerment along your life path through clarity of purpose. 

A great follow on from a Supportive Mentoring package.

What is the structure of this program and what will we be doing?

This program runs in three modules over 12 weeks, with 12 x 1:1 individual sessions addressing particular themes.


Module 1  "Relationship to Sacred" : 

This first module of four sessions, begins with an investigation into your relationship with the Sacred: what this means to you, how you relate to spirituality - your wounding, perspectives and belief systems in relation to the Sacred, Divine Feminine/Great Mother, Divine Masculine/Great Father; Karma & Dharma. From a non-denominational stand point, respecting your unique take on the Sacred, we will look at how your relationship to the Sacred influences how you understand yourself, and your day to day existence.

Week 1: The Sacred

Week 2 : Great Mother, The Divine Feminine

Week 3 : Great Father, The Divine Masculine

Week 4 : Karma & Dharma

Module 2  "Relationship to Self" :

Following on from Module 1, in this second module of four sessions, we start to look at your relationship with Self - every aspect of Self: your connection to your spiritual & archetypal self - Higher Self, Shadow Self, Inner Feminine, Inner Masculine, Inner Child; and your relationship with your human self - body, ego, mind and heart. This investigation will shed light on how you partner yourself, view yourself, accept & love yourself, as well as your personal truth - wants, needs, dreams & desires.

Week 5 : Personal Truth

Week 6 : Shadow & Inner Child

Week 7 : Physical Body

Week 8 : Higher Self, Greater Self

Module 3  "Relationship to Others" :

And finally in this module of four sessions, with the wisdom gained from our explorations in the first two modules, we begin to look at your relationship with Others. How you relate to the Sacred and Self, is externalised & reflected without, and not only influences your relationships and connection to Others, but your world and your life. This includes investigating how you show up in the world  - and your unique truth, patterning, needs, boundaries - but also how you express yourself in the world at large and through your life purpose. This is a great place from which to identify empowered and heart centred relationship, career and life intentions, priorities & goals - stemming from your life path experiences, and subsequent mastery.

Week 9 : Relational Wounding from Sacred & Self

Week 10 : Relational Dynamics between Masculine & Feminine: internalised & externalised

Week 11 : Truths, Needs & Boundaries: foundational structure setting

Week 12 : Identify Relationship, Career & Life intentions, priorities & goals

I offer online or in person sessions at my home in Vredehoek, Cape Town CBD when I am in South Africa.

Each session is 1.5 hours long and runs according to the curriculum and tailored to your needs, but will comprise of sensitive exploration and observation, honest conversational sharing, guided discussions & meditations, practical exercises, journal prompts recommendation for channelled energy work if required. After each session I send follow up notes & homework for the week which creates a structured container of support as you go, and creates an opportunity for you to process practically & effectively.

The Expansion Pathway is for individuals who are;

  • wanting to expand & evolve beyond current self limitations, belief systems, and programming

  • needing to transition through, transform and ascend beyond challenging life chapters 

  • yearning to reconnect to their intuition, faith, Higher Wisdom

  • wanting to heal and let go of spiritual, physical or relational trauma

  • needing a holistic and transpersonal approach to self discovery & life coaching support

  • growing out of their current life circumstances; career, relationships, family structures etc. and are looking for clarity

  • looking for freedom to live their best expression of Life with courage and confidence

  • wanting to elevate their current relationship with the Sacred, Self and Others to extraordinary

  • needing support on the return home to Self

  • wanting support & guidance on their life path, in service to realising their true purpose


Please contact me directly for current rates & all other applicable information.

I do offer a complimentary 20 minute online Meet & Greet if you'd like to set up an introductory online call.

"Right from the very first session, Alexia effortlessly guided me to the core of some of my deepest issues, surpassing the progress I had made in an entire year of traditional therapy. Her approach resonated with me on a profound level as she effortlessly delved into the heart of my struggles."


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