About Alexia



As a Shaman, my role is simply to shine a light as a guide and support as you journey back home to your Self, as you step into your true potential, know and recognise your truth, open your heart, and align to the highest and best expression of your Divine Self embodiment.

My Shamanic journey began lifetimes ago.

In this lifetime, various happenings started the remembering, and at the age of 39 (2019) I started to awake fully to my lifetimes, learnings, gifts and powers as a cosmic Shaman devoted to Sacred Union - with Source, the Cosmos, Earth, Self, Feminine & Masculine, in Divine Love embodiment.

I am here to help you find your way through various offerings, bringing my lifetimes of Shamanic learnings to this contemporary world context, in service to exploring how to be a conscious human being in today’s world, rediscovering Spirit through the Human experience, and understanding how we birth new consciousness serving Earth and Divine Love through Sacred Union. 


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