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My name is Alexia, and I am a medium, healer and teacher offering guidance and support on the path to freedom, fulfilment & empowerment through conscious connection. 

What is conscious connection?

With how much sensitive awareness can you understand yourself, know yourself, expand yourself through your connection and interconnectedness with all that is...

All my current offerings are in support of this - creating the opportunity for you to reconnect to all that you are through your unique human experience, journey & relationships.

My life, like most, has been a steep learning curve of full spectrum human experience - all the messy and wonderful heart breaking and heart opening stuff - and I serve and hold space from here - my personal experience of walking the path of transformation, sitting in the fire of relationship, exploring connection to the Sacred, Self and Others with eyes wide open.
My offerings also stem from my Shamanic ancestry - an expansive intuitive wisdom, powerful gifts & a deeper understanding gained through remembered lifetimes and the privilege of holding space for others. I embody Sacred Union, Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Coding, and it is my work to share and ground this coding to Earth. 

I hold space for individuals & couples on the path of conscious awakening, relating and evolution through this exploration of connection and interconnectedness - the power to heal and bring forth our greatest lessons, gifts & opportunities for expansion.

View my current offerings of support, guidance and healing.​


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