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I offer support as an intuitive guide on the path to freedom, fulfilment & empowerment through relationship with the Sacred, Self & Others, inviting you to step into your potential, recognise your truth, open your heart, and align to the best expression of your Life.

About me

My Shamanic journey began lifetimes ago.​ In this lifetime, various happenings started the remembering, and at the age of 39 (2019) I started to awake fully to my lifetimes, learnings, gifts and powers as a cosmic Shaman


I am also a single mother, entrepreneur and woman living in a city, facing the usual day to day, contemporary world challenges. This lifetime has been a steep learning curve of full spectrum human experiences - sexual & emotional abuse, violent crime, marriage, brain tumour, family addiction, family estrangement, motherhood, running a business, divorce, spontaneous spiritual awakening, Twin Flame journey - all the messy, and wonderful heart breaking and heart opening life stuff! 


No Shamanic path would be complete without all the gruelling experiences that push you to the ends of yourself and back on the journey to Self, and I believe we're all Shamans.

About my work

Bringing my lifetimes of learnings back to the tribe in this contemporary world context - my offerings are in service to expanding consciousness, cultivating connection and a return to wholeness - supporting you on your life path as you explore how to be a conscious human being in today’s world, rediscover & integrate Spirit through the Human experience, navigate healthy interpersonal dynamics as you evolve, and choose to live an empowered life.

I am all the Clairs (Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Claircognizant, Clairalient and Clairgustent). I channel Source Energy, connect and work with guides, ancestors and Beings of the Higher Realms. I have the ability to naturally journey to, and work in other timelines and dimensions. I channel the Light, and work in both the Light and the Shadow. I am a Creator Being.

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