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1:1 Sessions

“In our session together, Alexia was able to guide me to the heart of what’s challenging me right now, something around which I’ve been experiencing a lot of sadness and anxiety. She created a space where I could connect with my inner wisdom and free myself from the fear I was feeling. Her distance healing session after was amazing, super powerful and I was left feeling grounded and peaceful.”

— LW 

“Alexia’s touch is sacred and full of love. My session with her was gentle, subtle and profound. She has a unique method of working with the energetic system, a clear knowing and an intuitive touch. I felt guided through the whole process, deeply held, and experienced a sense of wholeness on completion that has stayed with me.”

— LB 

“I had been dabbling in energy work & spirituality as I went through some of life’s more difficult things: divorce, Covid, cancer. All my paths led to this one perfect session with Alexia where the self love, self care, higher self understanding suddenly slipped into place in the most tender way. It’s months later and I am still so blessed by the gift I received in my session.”


“It’s hard to say what Alexia does exactly, one can only accept it & marvel at it. She’s a powerful, tenacious, resourceful, caring healer & Shaman. Her words, her hands, her unbending belief move mountains. She’s the wounded healer myth made real. She’s a well spring of Source Energy. Just go see her.”

— PH

“Alexia gently and safely guided me back into my own home body in her sessions. Her warmth, humour and light makes the healing process feel very supported, and because she works with such presence, you feel as if everything will be okay in that very moment and moving forward. I would highly recommend a session with her to get in touch with your truth.”

– RR

“Thank you Alexia, for creating a beautifully safe and sacred space for my Source Energy session. You have a gentle and intuitive power that really made me feel held and open-hearted in a way I can't describe. It's something so different and I really loved it. You are an inspiration and have an amazing gift, thank you!”

— CB

“A couple of sessions with Alexia and my life was flipped on it's head, but in the best and healthiest way imaginable - like a yoga headstand.

I experienced immediate inner connection, self awareness and permission to prioritise deep callings. As well as a sense of forgiveness and open heartedness. 

The greatest gift of the process is the realisation and and understanding that all the knowledge and guidance needed, comes from within. A session with Alexia simply opens the door." 

— DH

“Lex is a force for good in the world. She leads with her whole heart, sharing her deep intuition and connection to the otherwise unknown for the purposes of healing, generosity and love. I am so inspired by her hope, sensitivity and caring spirit in service of her clients and a kinder world.  I always feel better after having seen her; and am blessed to know someone with her incredible gifts.” 

— JR

“Alexia is a beautiful wise soul. She is able to hold a safe, sacred space while doing amazing energy work and healing. She is able to assist you in making massive shifts rapidly and the work she does is deeply powerful. You will be forever changed."


Programs & Workshops

“Alexia’s program was gentle enough for beginners in energy work but profound enough to really make a positive difference in our relatively young relationship. It feels as if we cleared paths to communication and deepened our connection by many levels through 3 short sessions. Beautiful, life and love affirming experience!"

– MDT (Couples Program)

"I would highly recommend Alexia's couples program - it is something that every couple should throw themselves into. Enjoyed learning about myself, my partner and us as a couple. I understand MDT and her needs better and it has allowed us to connect at a deeper level."

– PDV (Couples Program)

“This isn't a walk in the park. Alexia is a shaman who channels powerful energy, the energy of the creative force itself. This energy doesn't truck with illusion or delusion, it is interested only in truth. Be prepared to learn the truth of yourself and your relationship(s). Be prepared for powerful shifts.”

-PH (Couples Program)

“The energy work is powerful and works at such a deep and profound level that things keep evolving long after the course is finished, and so the journey continues! Alexia holds the space in a gentle, safe and completely non-judgemental manner, guiding the way with her innate wisdom while showing you yours as well. I am truly grateful that we got to experience this course, it’s like no other.”

-VH (Couples Program)

“Alexia is phenomenal!!! She eased us into the couples' session, gently challenging us and helping us think through a variety of topics. She always picks up on that one word or cue and asks us to unpack it further. Often, we wouldn't even realize there was more to unpack until she prompted us. At this point, we both trust her immensely...we know she is incredibly insightful and has the best intentions for us individually and our relationship.”

-TT (Couples Program)

The biggest change in our relationship has been how we approach it. I view it more as a process now rather than always being disappointed that we’re not at an ideal destination. Through our work with Alexia we realised that a lot of our problems weren’t due to character flaws or incompatibility and we could work through them layer by layer if we stayed curious. As a result we find things don’t escalate unnecessarily anymore. 


Alexia helped us out of a stuckness that felt very hard to unlock. I highly recommend working with her if you’re in that very difficult and lonely place. Life’s too short to suffer!

-SV (Couples Program)

“Alexia creates a welcoming environment that invites exploration and open sharing. Drawing from her rich personal experiences, she gently steers you toward new perspectives and possibilities."

– LVZ (Material Mastery Workshop)

As a couple we were a high speed car crash waiting to happen. Alexia was somehow able to reach and meet each of us where we were and enabled us to explore our conditioning, fears and needs.

It was a very tough, painful but also extremely rewarding process. Often things got worse before they got better but that is because Alexia guided us to look at the most challenging aspects of self. I can happily share that we are on a much better path and deal with one another with more empathy, perspective and compassion.

I would highly recommend any couple not knowing where to turn, to give this Couples Support a go! Alexia was also able to accommodate us abroad and I found our online sessions just perfect.

-CB (Couples Program)

“My sessions with Alexia were powerful and transformative. She helped me through a very challenging period of my life, always guiding me to my own inner guide, which felt very empowering. Her reflections and suggestions were always spot on. I could feel her deep care and loving support, which made a huge difference in how I felt during that time. Just knowing Alexia is there brings me huge comfort. She’s a bright shining light and a wonderful guide, mentor and friend.” 

— LH (Individual Program)

"My husband and I did this course to explore the nature of our relationship at a deeper level although we didn’t really know where it would take us. It has opened up channels of communication between us that I didn't realise needed opening, and from it, we have gained a clearer understanding of each other, of ourselves and of the unique dynamics of our relationship."

-VH (Couples Program)

"Right from the very first session, Alexia effortlessly guided me to the core of some of my deepest issues, surpassing the progress I had made in an entire year of traditional therapy. Her approach resonated with me on a profound level as she effortlessly delved into the heart of my struggles. What astonished me was how gentle and non-overwhelming the process felt, despite its profound depth.

The Expansion Pathway program has been a significant chapter in my healing journey, and Alexia's guidance has provided me with the tools and support I needed to make substantial progress in my healing process."

-BL (Individual Program)

“This protocol has been some of the most insightful and impactful self development work I've done. After feeling lost and stagnant, I was guided back to my inner strength. I've reconnected to my expansive masculine energy via the conduit of self sovereignty.”

-DH (Individual Program)

"My sessions with Alexia were extremely helpful & gave me a new way of seeing my relationship with myself & my partner. Our couples sessions allowed us to identify the patterns that would usually stop us from connecting, communicating & healing. She guided us through each stage with compassion, understanding, & wisdom. Thank you Alexia!"


-WA (Couples Program)

“Wow thank you Alexia, this workshop cracked me wide open! I got to see so much of how old patterning, rigid belief systems and the many illusions were keeping me trapped. I loved how the course worked functionally, opening one up to see and question and then offering the tools to work through. There were so many amazing aha moments and take aways that I am working with every day."

– GP (Material Mastery Workshop)

"Thank you for showing up so beautifully and sharing openly about your journey, it made me feel safe and open to dive in deep too. 


 I feel more in tune with myself and I know this feeling will only grow. Where I was three months ago and where I am now… wow! And it was all so gentle! Deep, but gentle."

– LE (Individual Program)

“Alexia creates a welcoming environment that invites exploration and open sharing. Drawing from her rich personal experiences, she gently steers you toward new perspectives and possibilities."

– LVZ (Material Mastery Workshop)

"It's been an incredible program and journey. I am so grateful to you for facilitating, holding space, and for creating trust & safety. Your ability to mirror and signpost my thinking was the magic key.


I can't imagine doing this work with anyone else."

– DH (Individual Program)

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