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  • Alexia Klompje


The year it all comes together.

The year you fully embrace who you are,

how powerful your dreams are,

how strong your will is,

how tender your heart is, 

how wild your body is,

how connected you are to the world around you, 

how vital your unique expression is, 

how precious your gifts are, 

how wealthy your soul is, 

how peaceful your inner being is,

how brightly your light shines,

how graceful your spirit is, 

how free you truly are.


A great turn of the year practice is to identify your biggest challenges of the year, understand what the lessons were, and take those into 2024 with you.

(The above list is mine.)


Because all our experiences, feelings, teachings of 2020-2023 have had their place in priming us for the mega manifestation energies of 2024.

For choosing what we want to create and experience moving forward.

And this makes sense of the “big shift” we’ve all been talking about, and how the big shift comes about: through your empowered choosing.

I could literally feel the energy shift this New Year’s Eve, and the clients who worked with me as we were leading into it, have experienced such a sense of lightness, expansion & freedom. As have I.

There is no better time to get to work on being honest with yourself.

I’m offering my first 10 clients of 2024 a 10% discount on all sessions, packages & programs.

On a first come, first served basis.




Offering up a prayer of peace, love & resolution this new year to those in places of profound struggle, grief, illness & war.


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