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  • Alexia Klompje

Can you let love in?

Can you let yourself be loved?

Can you love others as they are?

Can you love yourself as you are?

We hear a lot about love. We crave love. We romanticise love. We feel pain through love. We feel abandoned in love. We think we know what love is but if we’re honest with ourselves, we are always externally seeking more love, feeling unworthy of being loved, needing love to prove itself through others, whilst at the same time being terrified of love.

We don’t really understand what love is at all.

What the likes of Jesus and Buddha - beings we label enlightened - really understood is that we simply are love, the embodiment of love, it’s not something outside of us, to seek or grasp at or earn or control in anyway - it is us.

We are love.

So all that is really left to ask is:

Can you be all the love that you already are?

Can you embody all this love that you are?

We are pure creations of love made manifest.

In searching or seeking for love, in needing to feel worthy of being loved , in being terrified of love - we’re disembodying from our true essence and dislocating from our very nature of love itself and that is the true struggle.

So if you find yourself feeling separate from love - whether that be in the giving or the receiving of love - find stillness, feel into your heart beat, take a deep breath and simply be, simply be the love that you are and let that be enough, because it is.

There is nothing more to do or be than that.

In this understanding you also really begin to comprehend that love connects us all and love is all there is. You cannot possibly be unworthy of love or be unloved because by your very existence you are an integral part of this field of love. It cannot exist without you.

And in understanding this, you begin to see how your external world reflects this.

You just need to let it reflect this.

NB: I’ve spent my whole life feeling unloved, unworthy of love and abandoned by love and it played out beautifully in my external world proving me right. Right? Wrong.

But I needed to feel and experience this as part of my journey to really understanding my true nature and returning to the true nature of being - pure love!

If I can embody love irrespective of what the external world has seemingly shown me up until now, well now, that’s where enlightenment is at.

And just like that, the veil of illusion lifts.

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