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  • Alexia Klompje

Can you trust your intuition?

“Having developed our intuition - the feminine aspect of our psyche - humanity then went on to develop the masculine side, the mind. Whereas intuition listens and receives, mind explores and conquers. This is why our current epoch is so fascinating. We human beings must now remember our past and reconnect to the power of our intuition. Having done this, we will have to learn to trust our intuition over and above our mental faculties. In this way we will create a naturally structured internal psyche that mirrors nature. Intuition is how nature talks to and through human beings - it is the auditory canal through which the whole coordinates and communicates through it’s many parts. If we humans can attune ourselves to this gentle, subtler internal voice, we will finally begin to feel physically at ease. Furthermore, when our internal hierarchy is naturally formulated in this way, the genius of the mind can finally come into play and follow the dictates of nature herself.”

Excerpt from the 57th Gene Key in the book “The Gene Keys” by Richard Rudd


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