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  • Alexia Klompje

Fresh new start. Are you ready?

Happy New Moon, Happy New Astrological Year! The first New Moon of the astrological year on Tuesday, took place in the first sign of the zodiac - Aries - at zero degrees, a day after the sun entered Aries and a day after the Equinox. And now Dwarf planet Pluto (the planet of Death, Transformation & Rebirth) is on the move. If this isn’t a fresh start, I don’t know what is! A little courageous but gentle exploration into what you’d like to seed, gestate and birth this year. Take it slow and intentional as you explore these various journal prompts and questions: 1.What disruptions, transformations & teachings have I experienced this past astrological year? In my personal life, relationships, career, home life etc. 2.What do I desire to feel, experience or embody this new year? 3.What do I need to create this year in order to create space & potential for 2. to happen? 4.What needs to transform, transition or end? What needs be nurtured, built or initiated? 5.What is holding me back? 6.What do I still need to let go of? 7.What small starting steps can I take today to honour these needs and move towards these goals? Aries is sure to get things moving so let’s dial up the self love, self care and nurture as we enter into this fully charged intention setting time.

I think for the next gathering, we need to meet in person out in nature to watch & celebrate the Full Moon rise. Who's in? Sha.woman Community Gathering in person, 6pm SAST Thursday 6 April 2023 Location to be announced, weather permitting but it will most likely take place on the Signal Hill Saddle, Cape Town CBD, South Africa. Kids welcome. Donation based tickets (energy exchange & call to commit) available here. If you can only afford $1 at this time, that's totally ok. Tickets will only be available until 1pm on the day of the gathering so I have an idea on numbers. These community gatherings are intimate, heartfelt, and respectful. You simply show up exactly as you are. They’re a safe space to share, feel heard, seen & held. And have a good cry if you need one!


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