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  • Alexia Klompje


I work with clients who have spent many years on the self exploration path - going from healers to therapists to courses and back round again. We all have our place and time.

One such client queried what made my offerings different. How does she come out of this particular support able to implement change enough to really shift & create the life she wants to live? Great question!

My answer was this…TRANSMUTATION. 

Synonyms: "convert, metamorphose, transfigure, transform and transmogrify"

Transmutation is my journey, my path, my story, my teacher, my fire, my mastery, my gift, my offering.

And because of this, when you sit opposite me I offer you this invitation…

Do you accept your power in embodying all that you experience as a human being to transmute it through your heart into remembering ALL THAT YOU ARE?

To not only identify and befriend your pain, suffering & wounding, but to transmute them into your unique mastery and greatest gift of offering to the world? Your journey, your path, your story, your teacher, your fire, your mastery, your gift, your offering & invitation.

This transmutational experience is not something you come back from. It’s a process of radical honesty, accountability & compassion, but if you accept my invitation, you leap and learn how to fly.🦋

Let’s fly in 2024.

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