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  • Alexia Klompje

Your Heart's desire.

When you feel stuck, confused or lost 🙋🏻‍♀️ have you actually asked yourself what you want? And this is not a logical question from the mind, but a feeling into your Heart space, your true Heart desire.

A really great practice (especially in this Eclipse energy) is to sit in stillness and wipe the slate of your life completely clean. Even your perceptions of what you currently think you want, or what you’ve believed you’ve wanted up to this point. Take all your hard work, achievements and goals out the picture. Let go of any and all identities & attachments.

Breathe into this space you’ve created. Sit in this spaciousness. You might need to sit here for a while.

When you are ready, step into radical self love and honesty, and from here let your Heart guide you in painting a picture of what your highest potential Life can be.

What you truly desire.

How you truly want to move through the world.

How you truly want to spend your time.

How you truly want to express your Self, your Joy, your Love.

How you truly want to Be.

Who you truly want to be surrounded by.

Where you truly want to live.

Leap. Defy logic here. Bust out of all limitations.

It may not even be a full picture, it may just be one or two strong, vivid brushstrokes at this stage. You may, like me, be surprised at how good the spaciousness of potential feels without needing to fill in too much of the picture.

But most importantly, ask yourself what is the underlying soul essence of this Life. It may be co-creation, freedom, service etc. It may just be a sensation or feeling.

With compassion, note whether this soul essence, this heart’s yearning is present in your current life.

Whether it is or isn’t, can you expand into this essence?

Can you trust and believe that simply holding and continually honouring this essence in a safe place in your Heart will guide you and everything around you to creating this highest potential Life?

Can you commit yourself to this essence?


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