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Source Energy Session

What is a Source Energy Session?

A gentle but powerful energy work session aligning you to your highest truth, reconnecting you to your wisdom & returning you to wholeness.

Feeling out of alignment & unbalanced? Needing to emotionally regulate? Called to explore energy work or return to a sense of ease & wholeness? Wanting to feel more connected to your life force & expand into all that you are?

Source Energy Sessions are ideal for those wanting to return to a place of holistic harmonious health.


What is the structure of a session and what will we be doing?

Sessions always start with honest conversational sharing, guided discussions and then move into the channelled energy work which can be seated or standing, fully clothed, hands off, and at times hands gently on if you're comfortable with that.


Channelling pure Source Energy and working with your Higher Self, I intuitively guide this energy into your body system as needed by you - to create and hold a safe space for you to step into your true potential, to know and recognise your truth, to heal and open your heart, to align to the highest and best expression of yourself and life.

Each session is completely unique, and as an idea, can entail: an energy rebalancing, trauma release, past life clearing/resolution, soul retrieval, healing, shadow work, inner child work, an awakening or activation, grounding etc., depending on what is needed by you.


I offer online, or in person sessions at my home in Vredehoek, Cape Town CBD when I am in South Africa. Each session is 1.5 hours long.

A Source Energy Session offers support and assistance when you're:


  • feeling out of alignment or disconnected in some way

  • feeling emotionally, physically or energetically unbalanced

  • feeling called to energy work or starting to explore your energetic body

  • feeling called to ancestral work or healing

  • experiencing inexplicable physical, mental or emotional discomfort

  • needing nervous system regulation

  • looping in a trauma response

  • recovering or suffering from a physical illness, ailment or injury

  • needing clarity around visions, dreams, spiritual communication or energetic experiences


My current rates are €140 per 90 minute session.

South African clients (living in RSA) please enquire about rates in ZAR.

Please contact me directly to book your first session and for all other applicable information.

"In our session together, Alexia was able to guide me to the heart of what’s challenging me right now, something around which I’ve been experiencing a lot of sadness and anxiety. She created a space where I could connect with my inner wisdom and free myself from the fear I was feeling.”


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